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Better health, purposeful work

Taking the holistic view to help you to live a healthy and fulfilling life

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Claire Vivyan Roberts

Executive Coach I Corporate Leader I Health & Wellbeing 

Are you struggling to move forward? Lacking resilience, confidence or need to decide whether to move up, move on or start again?

If you need help to build a career strategy that works for you, or need help with achieving and maintaining optimal health, I am an accredited with the International Coaching Federation, and as a Registered Corporate Coach™ with over a decade of corporate experience with some of the world's largest organisations.

I am also a trained health coach with the NHS-approved College of Natropathic Medicine.

Coaching can help you to unlock unhelpful patterns of thinking and empower you to get what you really want from work and from life. It can help your understand your relationships better, your purpose and your passion and how to channel them in to effective and pragmatic action.

If you're job-hunting in a competitive market, and need help to understand what makes you unique, I can help you create career products to give you confidence, clout and a highly professional personal brand.

I also write journalism on all aspects of careers. You can find my most recent writing here

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