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The old ways of working are finished – and that’s great news for everyone

We all knew that sitting in the office for 10 hours a day in order to satisfy the cult of presentism were nonsense – didn’t we?

We still played by the rules, but had a nagging feeling that this way of working and living had passed its sell-by-date.

Moving from the office to home has been an equaliser and more inclusive – we’re all in the same boat and the same size zoom box, despite our vastly different experiences, roles and lifestyles.

I’m not advocating for everyone to be at home forever, but I truly believe that this year has shown us another way – flexibility, and for all. In a recent Guardian article, the Institute of Fatherhood described the shift in parenting roles as potentially the most profound in since the post-war period. Working fathers have realised they are missing out, too.

The most progressive employers will be looking beyond their return to office plans and creating a vision for a new and more inclusive and flexible workplace. Once the dust settles, they will be winning the war on talent as we all get more specific about how, and where we work.

The future is here and it’s flexible.

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